Monday, January 10, 2011

This really happens?

Ok, maybe I wasn't very imaginative when I was a kid, or maybe it's because I am a girl. I don't know. But when "Toy Story" came out when I was a child, I didn't believe that kids actually played with their toys like that. And then "Toy Story 3" came out and the opening scene is an adventure that is being played out by Andy's toys. All I could think was, "Yeah right, who really plays with their toys like that?" Well, today I have answered my question. MY KIDS!!!!

Nolan has just recently started to get up on his hands and knees and of course Ryder thinks he is acting like a horse. So today Ryder was a cowboy, Nolan was a horse/prisoner, and I was the mean sheriff. Ryder had this entire adventure played out for us. He would ride his horse(Nolan) into town, followed by other [invisible] cowboys on their pillow pet horses, and start riots. Buildings (blocks) would get knocked over, money (many stacks of baby wipes he found in the bathroom) would get stolen and put into a loot bag, boulders (balls) would run over and crush the trains of the town, and the cowboys would stand on top of buildings (Storage cubes) and shoot people. When Sheriff Mommy realized what happened she captured one of the cowboys (Nolan is both a horse and cowboy now) and put him in jail (upside down laundry baskets work great for this). Soon after, Ryder shoots the sheriff and rescues his horse. ha!

We had acted out this adventure for about an hour and half. Only interrupted by Ryder having to go potty. When he had finished his "business" he wasn't interested anymore and moved on to his room to play with his train table.

How many of you have children who play with their toys Toy Story style? What has been your favorite adventure?


sabi said...

Your description of this role-playing made me laugh so much :) Poor Nolan, he had to be a prisioner, but I'm sure he had fun :P I

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