Thursday, January 6, 2011

J of all Trades

I am Janae. A definite J of all trades. I'm a baker, chef, photographer, chocolatier, crafter, mommy, and military wife.

I started baking when I was about 13. Creating various cakes for different people. My first mastered recipe was for yeast rolls. I think I made them twice a week for my mom.

When my hubby is home we rarely eat out. I cook everything homemade. That include basic staples that a lot of people wouldn't think twice about buying in the grocery store such as chicken stock, cream of mushroom, salad dressing, bread, etc. I am, by all means, NOT one of those moms who is organic crazy. I just like to know what goes into the food that I cook for my family.

I've always liked photography. I remember being a young child, around 7 or 8, and setting up photoshoots with my stuffed animals and a disposable camera. Lame, I know!

My first job (besides babysitting and occasionally making cakes) was working at a wonderful confectionery. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's pretty much a fancy name for a candy or bake shop. I absolutely loved my job. I like to think of my boss as being my mentor. I fell in love with the process of making candies and other sweets. So after I got married and had my first son, I picked it up again. I bought myself a book and two really good chocolate molds. From there, I taught myself how to temper chocolate and then it was game on. I now am working on all that I need so that I can open my own store front at the hubby's new duty station.

I like to sew as well. I made the cover for my newest sons carseat. I'm working on a quilt for my oldest son right now. I might not be great at it but I like to believe I am!

My kids are awesome. Ryder is two, will be three in May. He has red hair and a personality to match. He is definitely a daddy's boy and that gets hard sometimes when Tyler is gone. Nolan is 7 months old and as sweet as he can be. A fat little chunk too. And since Tyler has been gone since he was 5 weeks old, he is a momma's boy and I am certainly not complaining.

Now to Tyler. He is the love of my life and my best friend. We were highschool sweethearts that got married young. He joined the army when Ryder was 6 weeks old. And after he finished with his training we were shipped off to the great state of Hawaii. Being married to him as brought me great happiness and wonderful opportunities. We are officially halfway through this deployment and I can't wait until he finally comes home.


sabi said...

Hi! I found you on Simply Modern Mom (I am also participating in Project52). I think you're blog is going to be very interesting, since you seem to be such a versatile woman :) I am looking forward to reading more posts! The photos you took with the boys are so beautiful, I wish I had that kind of talent (and cute boys to model for me :P )...

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