Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Sewing Projects

I'm working on two quilts, a few new kitchen towels, and kid aprons!

One quilt is a carryover from last year. It's a quilt for my boys and Halloween featuring Riley Blake's Boo to You. I bought an entire fat quarter of the line last year when it came out and fell in love! Ryder had the best time pointing out different characters. It's finally coming together and almost ready to be quilted. The boys are excited as am I.

The other quilt is another Riley Blake quilt. This one uses the new fall line, Decadence. Its beautiful. The browns, oranges, yellows, greens, and whites. I love it. The pears take the cake for me though. It reminds me of a mainland/ Hawaii mixed Autumn. The great colors of the trees and other foliage in the states and the green I see now in Hawaii. The white is helping to make it bright, which I love!! I plan on entering this one into the Celebrate Color competition over at Stitched in Color for the month of October so I'm working on this one around the clock. It could quite possibly be my most favorite quilt design yet. Stay tuned!

For the kitchen towels, I want to try a few different fabrics. I want something really soft and absorbent. These could work out great and become my go-to Christmas gift for the distant family and friends. I am planning on using my scraps of Riley Blake's Decadence line for my fall kitchen towels and getting some custom printed fabric of my logo for the business.

I'll post more about the kid aprons on a later date. They are too cute!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where are the orange trees?!

Living in Hawaii has its pros and its cons. One good thing is being able to go to the beach in the dead of winter and not freeze your hiney off. The worst (for me) is being here during the mainland's autumn season. I miss the orange and red leaves. The smell and feel of cooler weather.

I'm OCD about how my house smells. Bath and Body Works is my best friend and I like to change the smell with the season. Spring and summer for me is Vanilla Coconut. It's tropical and fun. Fall and winter is Creamy Pumpkin. I do a lot of baking during these seasons. Both for my family and the business. And no matter what I bake, it always smells WONDERFUL with that scent.

Being in Hawaii I don't get the same satisfaction of smelling that decadent pumpkin scent. It just doesn't feel right. It's hot outside. So hot that candles melt if left outside from an outdoor candlelit dinner with the husband. I like to curl up on my porch swing with a light quilt and a cup of coffee during October. My coffee here, if drank outside, has to be iced and even a light quilt is too hot.

October is my favorite month. And Hawaii is ruining it this year for me. Damn you tropical paradise!!