Thursday, January 13, 2011

Look Mom! Two of um!!! - Glimpse into Motherhood Week 2

I walked into Ryder's room this morning and found this:

We have been potty training for a few days now and everytime he uses the potty he gets a sucker. Apparently he's been saving them. Ryder understands numbers and has a grasp on quantity. He knows what "a lot", "many", and "few" mean but he insists that if there are more than two things of something that there are "two of um"!

Here is my photo for Simply Modern Mom's Project 52, Glimpse into Motherhood, Week 2
He's almost crawling! He will stay like this for a few minutes just rocking back and forth before finally flopping forward. His face perfectly depicts his fear and excitement about learning something new.

Ever since he cut those two bottom teeth he has been making this face. I think at this point in time he was grunting at Ryder for not sharing suckers with him.

This would have been a very cute picture if I would have just tilted my camera a little more. Oh, well. I still love his face and the way that his blue eyse shine.

All of these photos were straight from the camera with no editing applied.

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

LOL about the suckers. The faces your baby is making rocking are just precious.

sabi said...

I don't think Ryder will have any finnancial issues in the future, if he starts saving at such a young age :P And your baby is so cute :)

Janae' said...

Sabi, I agree. In the days of using my debit card for everything, I'm amazed that I find at least $2 in quarters every load of Ryder's laundry. And thanks to you both. I think he is pretty cute but I'm just a little biased. Ha!

Angee said...

Your boys are so cute. I love those cheeks!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Love the sucker thing. Hysterical!

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