Thursday, January 6, 2011

Glimpse into Motherhood: Week 1

I've decided to participate in Project 52: Glimpse into Motherhood hosted by Simply Modern Mom, one of my favorite blogs to follow. So every week I will post a few pictures that depict my life as a mother.

This particular set of photos is from a few weeks ago actually. Before all of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season (I make candies from my home remember?), I took the boys to the Houmas House here in Louisiana to practice my photography and get new photos of them. I really killed two birds with one stone because I also brought along my best friend and a model we were both shooting pictures of. More on that later though.

Trying to get this picture was SO HARD. This was towards the end of our TWO hours at the Houmas House and he was getting very bored. So I told him that kisses = candy. And he was more than willing to kiss away.

I love this picture. He is the sweetest little baby ever. All I have to do is kiss his tickle spot and he lets out an immediate little chuckle.
This picture depicts my everyday life perfectly. Two kids who are constantly going turns me into a crazy mommy. All I can do sometimes is sit back, watch it all happen, and smile.
This is my favorite picture of the day though. It represents their brotherhood to a tee. Ryder didn't want to sit next to Nolan. He had to be in the front and in this picture he was turning around to tease Nolan about it. But of course Nolan thinks anything that Ryder does is hilarious so he was cracking up.

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood


Angee said...

Visiting from Project 52. Your boys are just darling. I love the first photo.

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