Monday, January 31, 2011

Bringing Your Kids to Starbucks: Glimpe into Motherhood Week 4

So yesterday our day consisted of going to the park, the outlet mall (living this close to Tanger should be illegal), and a quick stop at Starbucks for a treat for everyone.

The park was fun. The mall was fun. Even Starbucks was fun after I got over the dirty looks from everyone for having two kids in there with me.

I needed the coffee. I really did. I needed to hear the steamer in the back going off every few minutes. I needed to be tempted with all of the goodies in the display case. I really needed to see my sweet Ryder flirting with the two college girls on the other side of the window, blowing kisses and batting the eyelashes too. I needed Starbucks yesterday. Kids or no kids, I was getting it.

Here is my entry for Simply Modern Mom's Project 52 : Glimpse into Motherhood.
This is just a double chocolatey chip frapp. Pretty much a frozen chocolate milk. No caffeine

My sweet Nolan enjoying some Madelines.


Lauren A. said...

Aww NoNo :) Two sweet cuties!

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