Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What do you get?

What do you get when you combine pistachios, almonds, sugar, and dark chocolate?


These are my Dirty Verde truffles. The bottom layer is a lovely, rich pistachio gianduja (john-do-yah). Just for reference let me give you an example of what you can expect from that. Nutella tastes just like a hazelnut gianduja. You can only imagine what this pistachio version tastes like! On top of that is a pistachio marzipan. Pretty much an almond and pistachio dough. Covered in dark chocolate and topped with chopped pistachios, these truffles will not disappoint a pistachio fanatic!

When I was handing these out as samples a few months this is what was said about them:

"If you close your eyes and bite into these, you feel as if you have been transported to a forgein country and are biting into pistachio bliss."

"This is the best variation of a pistachio dessert anyone could have created. Thank you!"

I created these a few months ago with plans to use them for Mardi Gras season as well as St. Patrick's Day. Keep checking back for other treats you can expect to find at Orange Lily Confections. If you would like to order, please shoot me an email at and we can put together an order!


Sabi said...

You have the job that I dream of.... hmmmm... work with chocolate, making sweets... :D I never really had pistachio mixed with sweets (although it's a very popular ice-cream flavour here in portugal, I never really had the guts to eat it because it is so green!) but I think I would give it a try :) I love the salted pistachios, though!

Janae' said...

Sabi, the pistachio ice cream is popular here as well. My moms loves it! The buttery flavor of the pistachios goes great with the chocolate. I do use salted chopped pistachios on top. The salt helps bring out all of the flavors. This is definitely a complex treat. Wonderful, but complex

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